Facebook has begun sending invitations to the press for an event on April 4th in which will show their “new home on Android.” It is still unclear what what exactly is that tey´ll  present but according to a recent report, what we will see is an HTC smartphone running a custom Android version.


There was talk of a Facebook Phone, a new application of a proprietary operating system … and it looks like we will see a bit of it. In an article published a few hours ago, the New York Times points out that on Thursday Facebook will present an HTC phone that will run a customized version of Android to deeply integrate the social network services. The famous newspaper reports that while there will be other announcements, the main novelty of the event will be this version of Facebook-centric Android to replace the traditional home screen with the main user of Facebook. In addition, the camera default applications and messaging apps will be replaced by themselves.

The report quotes a Facebook employee familiar with the company’s plans and indicates that this new Android version will be available from Facebook not only on the HTC phone which will be presented but also in other (which is still unknown). It is still unclear whether the new Facebook will be just like the classic Samsung interface TouchWiz or if it will something separate, similar to the the approach of Amazon Kindle Fire.

In less than a week we will learn about this new home of Facebook in Android. Long ago there has been talk of a Facebook Phone, but Mark Zuckerberg has denied on numerous occasions. However, it feels that the social network is looking for work outside the Android ecosystem which is controlled by Google.

What do you think Facebook will present next Thursday? Leave me your thoughts in the comments!

Via | NYT

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