Since last month we have started to make a ranking of the best games released or updated during the month as we have been doing with the applications from last year.

The month of March has been pretty full of games and although we have great FPS deliveries we have seen the arrival of some interesting alternatives Shoot Many Robots and classics like Temple Run 2. Therefore today we bring to AndroidADN our selection of new releases and updates of Android games of the month.

Best Android Games 2013

Angry Birds: Star Wars


The latest installment of the Angry Birds franchise has just added a new chapter called Cloud City where we will find 20 new levels. Will find a new gas planet filled with floating cities where appears a new character named Boba Fett and some new physics due to the effects of the gas.

Boba Fett missions can be unlocked after finding the five thrusters that are hidden in the levels, using a promotion code or, paying EUR 0.89 through the app store.

Google PLAY :  Cloud City

Shoot Many Robots

shoot-may-robots (1)

A new game has come to Google PLAY and it is Shoot Many Robots, a game that was already available on other consoles and is now available on the Android platform.

In Shoot Many Robots we must go as far as possible and eliminate as many robots we can, we’ll just jump, dodge obstacles and shoot. At each level we will go getting gear to level up and get new weapons and items to go farther and eliminate more robots. You can also get these improvements with real money within the application through micropayments.

Shoot Many Robots can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the version of Android required varies by model.

Google PLAY: Shoot Many Robots

The Croods

The Croods

From the creators of Angry Birds, Rovio, comes a new title called “The Croods” which is based on the film created by DreamWorks Animation.

The Croods for Android recreates the characters from the movie and alongside them will discover the idea, a new tool with which you will have to get out of the stone age embarking on a journey through a path in which you should hunt and gather food to survive the wild environment.

Throughout the game you will have to catch and tame 10 creatures evolutionarily mixed as Girelephant or Molarbear, create absurd inventions with Grug to open and explore new areas and decorate your prehistoric world with the latest in fashion accessories for cavemen.

Para quienes estén interesados, les comento que The Croods la película será lanzada el próximo 22 de marzo. Se tratará de una comedia de aventuras con animaciones en 3D que contará con actores de primer nivel como Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke y Cloris Leachman.

Google PLAY: The Croods

Temple Run 2


The famous Disney game was updated during the month of March and although didn´t incorporated great innovations it did corrected some application errors and added some interesting elements.

Basically it solved a series of fixes to improve stability and overall performance of the title, and perfected the system of power-ups to improve and maintain the powers and not resulting in errors.

Finally, another improvement of this update brought a reward system daily and weekly that will make the game more entertaining and dynamic.

Google PLAY: Temple Run 2

Mini Ninjas

mini-ninjas-android-game (1)

It is rare to see a title from developers Square Enix that is not RPG, however this is the case of Mini Ninjas, a game in which you assume the role of Hiro and his friends, and we must go around collecting coins and gut our way in the name of the recovery of stolen artifacts.

On the way we will also be able to build Kuji energy and the power that is held by releasing trapped animals, destroying obstacles and basically everything you do in this game except for the collection of coins. We may also cast spells created as well as attacks against large enemies.

In total there are 4 hérores which you may use, each with its own style of combat, magic and special weapon. We may customize our ninja from his clothes, dresses and weapons. While the game is now available on Google Play still the ability to possess animals we have released is not enabled.

Google PLAY: Mini Ninja

Earn to Die


Another zombie game comes to Google Play and it is Earn to Die, a title that besides playing galore the typical zombie apocalypse theme, we also drive and dismember the undead hordes through which we have to open road .

Earn to Die is a game with beautiful graphics and very addictive and frantic gameplay. We will not stop one second to shoot, hitting objects and dismembering zombies. The perspective is the classic 2D, and scenarios are well done too.

Earn to Die can be downloaded from Google Play at a price of one dollar, but if you are not sure to spend money you can try the Lite version which is also available but we can only play the first mission. Requires Android 2.1 or higher.

Google PLAY: Earn to Die

Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio Market Mayhem

Angry Birds Rio received an update during the month of March, this is Market Mayhem which incorporates 36 new levels, new fruits to collect and more!

The new episode is set in a market with awnings and fruits. Marmosets are wreaking havoc in the market and our mission is to stop them.

The update includes 36 new levels (between standard and special) and 15 fruits you will use for unlocking new bonus levels.

Google PLAY: Angry Birds Rio

Cut the Rope: Experiments

cut-the-rope-experiments (1)

Cut the Rope: Experiments has been updated with the inclusion of a new character in the puzzles, ants. Now we must adapt our wit to pass the levels and bring the candy to the tender Om Nom.

Now, in Cut the Rope: Experiments we can use ants to drag the candy through different locations to reach Om Nom, but be careful because as we facilitate the transportation also can cause problems if we are not careful. A new form of play that definitely adds something interesting to the already popular title.

Google PLAY:Cut the Rope: Experiments

Gun Bros 2

gunbros2 (1)

There were two sequels that were released this month from developers Glu Mobile, and the first one has been Gun Bros 2, the second installment in the saga of longline action.

Gun Bros 2 is basically the same as its predecessor, at least in its gameplay. It remains a dual controller shooter full of enemies that you must eliminate with a large arsenal of weapons. The story is the same: keep defending the universe of TOOL, although this time we’ll have even more weapons, new Mods to improve them and the powerful and destructive Tank Commander.

The Gun Bros 2 graphics are well done and the gameplay reminds me of Zombiewood: isometric perspective and dual stick control, one for movement and the other to aim the gun.

Throughout Gun Bros 2 we must deal with powerful bosses as well as dangerous hordes of enemies. It has a multiplayer mode where you can play endlessly with your “bros” in real-time co-op multiplayer. If you played the first installment probably want to try the second, it is really fun and worth it.

Google PLAY: Gun Bros 2

Samuria vs Zombies Defense 2


The other sequel was released by Glu Mobile Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2, and as in the first delivery remains the same mechanics, the same perspective in 2D and now adds two new warriors: the deadliest assassin and loyal Ronin Kunoichi with armor. The mission is to defend your village from hordes of zombies and demons to recruit allies to the cause, raising defenses and recover sacred artifacts to stop them.

While the gameplay of Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2 is almost identical to the previous one, now there is a new variety of weapons and abilities at our disposal as well as more content and a magic upgrade for our warriors.

Google PLAY: Samurai vs Zombie Defense 2

This was our selection of the best Android games of March 2013. If you have some else to add or you want to comment do it in the section below and share it on your social networks!

Which was the best game in the month of March?

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