The popular gamer benchmark for PC reaches Android


The developers of Futuremark 3D Mark just released for Android, something many gamers longed for some time as this benchmark is one of the most iconic and popular for PC´s.

With 3D Mark for Android we can perform two tests called Ice Storm and Ice Storm Extreme in which we can measure the performance of the GPU and processor of our device.


On the one hand we have Ice Storm which is designed to test phones and tablets that have OpenGL ES 2.0 while Ice Storm Extreme is designed for more powerful devices because it has a high resolution tests with more detailed textures and better graphics effects. Like other benchmarks, after completing tests we get in numbers our score and we can compare them to other devices.


3D Mark is currently available on Windows and Android and in the future will be too for Windows RT and iOS, so hopefully 3D Mark becomes a cross-platform benchmark, which currently does GeekBench. We may also choose which tests we want to perform.

No doubt that the arrival of 3D Mark is great news for gamers and hardware enthusiasts that now have a few benchmarks to compare the performance of their devices. Personally I’ve tried it and while my Samsung Galaxy S2 did not supported the tests in the best way I must say that its realization falls short of previous desktop deliveries.

3D Mark for Android is now available to download for free from Google Play and requires Android 3.1 or higher. The download weighs 283 MB and according to its developer has support for more than a thousand devices.

Google Play: 3D Mark

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