Although some users have been able to renew its license for free, it seems that this is a bit risky, so many others have had to pay for the use of WhatsApp.

However is not the fact of paying one dollar what bothers most users, since it is a very small sum for a one-year service in this category. The problem faced by most of them, is often the payment methods, as in many cases do not have a credit card to do so.

To appease somewhat this problem, WhatsApp has just released an update that allows you to make the payment of the license for a period greater than one year, which would save the need to borrow a credit card every year in case of not having one.

New payment methods

The new update that is available through the official website of Whatsapp now gives you the ability to pay via Paypal and new options to renew for a period of 3 years at € 2.40 or 5 years at € 3.34.


Thus, by paying for longer will obtain a discount that reaches 10% in the period of 3 years and 25% in the 5 years.

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