A few days ago we heard some rumors about the possibility that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would include a technology capable of recognizing eye movement for scrolling through content and navigate through the pages.

Today some screenshots leaked through SamMobile confirmed this feature apparently won´t only be available for the Galaxy S4, but to his predecessor, the current Samsung Galaxy S3.

Smart Scroll Galaxy S3 (3) Smart Scroll Galaxy S3 (2) Smart Scroll Galaxy S3 (1)

As shown in the screenshots filtered the new feature Smart Scroll is within a range of options called Smart Screen including:

Smart Stay: disables the screen when you are not looking at it

Smart rotation: adjusts the screen according to your viewing position

Smart pause: pause put the videos when it detects that you move your head

Smart Scroll: The scroll will be done automatically when the device detects that you’re looking at the screen

Smart Scroll

Apparently this new feature will be able to work with a wide range of applications such as web browsers and email clients, and you can choose to enable detection of the head movement to determine scrool speed.


At the moment we have no news, but just a few days left until the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is expected for March 14 in an event that will be held in New York.

Via AndroidPolice

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