I commented a few days ago which were the official accessories of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and now one of them is now available for sale, I am referring to Game Pad.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is probably the device of the year and all news related to this becomes more important. On this day it became known that the Game Pad is available for reservations at a price of $ 113, and while it is true that the sum seems somewhat bulky it is the official gaming accessory hence all those Android gamers can not let it pass.

If you do a bit of memory EA announced it would launch 16 titles optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S4 as Real Racing 3 and The Simpsons, therefore we know that in case of having the phone and the Game Pad we can make good use of it.

The Game Pad already can be booked for $ 113 in MobileFun and it is noteworthy that it is not exclusive for the Galaxy S4 but can be adjusted to any Android device with a display of 4 inches up to 6.3 inches and connects via Bluetooth.

Via | PhoneArena

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