Temple Run is one of the most popular games for Android and after the release of its second edition, Imangi Studios has partnered with Disney to launch a new special edition based on the movie “Oz, a fantasy world” which premieres next March 8.

Temple Run: Oz

Nicknamed Temple Run: Oz, this game is based on the recently introduced Temple Run: 2. In this will now be the star the great and powerful Oz and with him will have to run without stopping while trying to dodge objects and traps that cross your path.

Temple Run Oz 3 Temple Run Oz 2 Temple Run Oz 1

But this is not the entire footprint left by the film as the setting of the game is also inspired by the title of Disney. Also now we will have the landslides as a new element that complicate our run and test our skills and we can fly in a balloon to catch a lot more coins.

The game is available on Google Play for a price of one dollar and with its purchase you will get 1500 coins gift that will let you activate some new powers.

Google PLAY : Temple Run: Oz

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