A lot of users of the Sony Xperia Z are reporting that their device simply die from one moment to another, just as it did with the Galaxy S3 last year.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 was the big winner of 2012, is considered by most analysts and consumers as the device of the year. However, was not without its problems and many users were affected by the famous problem of “sudden death” finally corrected with a software update. However, in 2013 there seems to be another flagship smartphone that is having a similar problem but this time not from Samsung but from Sony. Right. Many Xperia Z users are reporting that their phones simply die suddenly.

In several forums, more and more people are complaining because their devices out of  nowhere suffer sudden death and the biggest problem is that there seems to be not only a failure that generates it but several. Some speculate that the problem has to do with the battery, while others see it as their devices will die from one moment to another.

Some users have managed to “resurrect” their Xperia Z with a reset (power button + volume up) but the vast majority has failed to revive the device.

However, not everything is so negatico. Sony has reported that “the problem has been identified,” and is working to correct the inconvenience. The next software update will include the solution, but still no ETA so it might take a while.

We will have to see how this problem affects the battle of Sony and its Xperia Z against the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One

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