The launch of Google Keep buzzed most Android notes applications and in response some have begun to release updates as was the case with Evernote which updated to version 5.0 and Springpad which is updated to version 4.0 with a complete new design.

The new Springpad 4.0 interface is organized in a scheme that looks set to become popular. Interface is divided into three tabs sliding which allows you to acces very easily to your notes, notebooks and a search box.


The update includes a new section called Spring from which both our notes are displayed such as the people you follow, and you do not need to add to a Notebook Springs before he finds terminated.

Furthermore, the bar of Springpad 4.0 now features a quick search to see our books, and the general search function allows you to search notes and notepads public is much faster and is in a tab its own.

Google PLAY : Springpad 4.0

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