Sony has just released the update that fixes the serious problem of sudden death that was suffering the Xperia Z. Here we tell you all the news and leave the link with the new software.


Yesterday I mentioned that a lot of users of Xperia Z were reporting problems of “sudden death” with their phones in recent days. Their devices simply died from one moment to another, as had happened with the Samsung Galaxy S3 last year. While they were not too clear about the causes of the problem, Sony quickly recognized it and promised to resolve it “as soon as possible.” And so they have.

The Japanese firm has just released a software update that resolves this problem of sudden death. The update has already started to be released, has build number 10.1.A.1.434, leaves the device on Android 4.1.2 (kernel 3.4.0) and does not add any new functionality, but only solves the problem (which is quite important).

Moreover, users who have been affected can try doing a hard reset (hold the power button and the volume buttons at the same time). This has worked for some users but does not guarantee a solution.

The update is coming through the air and via PC Companion. However, if you can not wait and want to be safe from sudden death now, you can download the update from the links below courtesy of XDA (note this will void the warranty).

Has the update reached your region? Is your Xperia Z suffering of Sudden Death? Tell us your experiences in the comments below!

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