In a recent interview, Nick Di Carlo, a senior Samsung executive said the company plans to bring all the latest news of the Galaxy S4 that are possible to the main devices of the firm as the Galaxy S3 and maybe the Galaxy Note 2.


Beyond the new hardware features (Full HD screen of 5 inches, 8-core processor, 2 GB of RAM …), the most striking of the Samsung Galaxy S4 have been all about new software. Seeing all the improvements, many users of the Galaxy S3 began to wonder “will come an update for my phone? Can I have those features?”. Apparently the answer is yes.

In an interview with the famous blog PCMag, Nick Di Carlo, Vice President of Product Planning of Samsung, said that “anything we can do that is independent of hardware such as infrared, we’ll definitely take it to all flagship devices.” And the Galaxy S3 is one of them of course.

While the new in software of the Galaxy S4 are many, already we can start making some speculation about which can be ported to the previous Samsung flagship and which not. For example, “Air View” (detects when the finger is hovering over the screen allowing to control it without touching it), requires hardware that is not integrated into the Galaxy S3, like the Smart TV remote, which depends a built-in IR blaster, or S Health Fitness Tracker, which uses a built-in pedometer.

Moreover, the new camera features and improved eye-tracking functionality are strong candidates to reach the Galaxy S3. Furthermore, DiCarlo said the news would reach the “iconic devices”, which makes us think that the Galaxy Note 2 will also have a software update to incorporate some of the new Galaxy S4 software.

Esteban Cejas

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