It´s been a while since we did not hear anything about fights between Apple and Samsung. However, it seems that the Korean company now has a new rival for entertainment and has started a war of words with HTC via Twitter.


During the presentation of the Galaxy S4, HTC made ​​a play of “dirty tricks” showing their new One to the hundreds of people who were in the place making the line to enter the event or just snooping.

The war was already a commercial one, as the Galaxy S4 and One are direct competitors, but now the fight also has spread to Twitter. Samsung and HTC have started a verbal fight through this social network, making fun of the other´s smartphone and stating that theirs is better.


Recall that during the presentation of the Galaxy S4, HTC fiercely attacked the Korean company saying that the Galaxy S4 would be #ThenextBigFlop. Samsung never responded to it, but it seems that now it is ready to strike back. The UK division of the company posted on its official Twitter “Four is always better than one;) (cc @ htc_uk)”, making clear reference to devices on both marks.


As expected, HTC quickly responded saying “Plastic is not fantastic, my friend;) #HTCOne”. Beyond emoticons trying to bring a jokingly to tweets, it is clear that both firms are taking the matter very seriously.

Esteban Cejas

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