According to a recent publication of the New York Times, the Samsung Galaxy S4 would incorporate a fully innovative technology: automatic scrolling by eye tracking.


Since the launch of the first Android device back in October 2008, the platform has evolved by leaps and bounds and has enabled manufacturers to develop applications and functionality increasingly complex and innovative. Samsung is the main reference of the OS, accounting more than 40% of all Android devices sold.

While 2012 was the best year in its history, the Korean company knows that in 2013 does not have anything easy with Apple releasing new models of iPhone, HTC stomping with its series One and Sony ready to reclaim the spotlight with a handful of devices that promise much. In order to differentiate themselves from competitors, Samsung wants to offer features that the rest of smartphones does not have. HTC is focused on improving its visual and audio performance on their new teams, but Samsung wants to go further and come up with something totally surprising: improve eye-tracking technology. And how do you apply in their new devices? In the best way possible. Apparently, the Galaxy S4 would come with scrolling by eye tracking.

In statements to The New York Times, an anonymous source (presumably an employee of Samsung), said that the new Galaxy S4 will include a feature that will track the user’s eyes to determine when it has reached the end of a page and automatically scroll to display the next page or section. And this takes more strength when you consider that Samsung has previously requested trademarks on the phrase “Scroll Eye” (eye tracking).

The measure would also serve to promote the identity of Samsung as a manufacturer pursuing intelligent and innovative features to its main line. At this point, no one can question the supremacy of Samsung in the Android space, but to maintain that alignment, the company has to avoid stagnation. As I mentioned earlier, HTC is betting big on high quality materials, image, video and audio. Motorola would point to a better battery life, durability and effect surprise that the Google products always have.

Recall that the Galaxy S4 will also include a feature called Samsung Orb, which is an enhanced version of Photo Sphere to take photos at 360 °.

In addition, in statements to the press, Kevin Packingham, Samsung’s product manager, said that both the hardware and the software of the Galaxy S4 will be magnificent and that next March 14 will see “an amazing phone.”

Esteban Cejas

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