Today new rumors have leaked about the Google X Phone which provide new details about the specifications and launch date of Motorola´s next smartphone.


For some time we have been hearing of it but there is still no real evidence of its existence. However, recent reports claim that the X Phone from Google and Motorola will arrive in November this year to take advantage of holiday sales and not in June or July as previous rumors suggested.

Moreover, in terms of specifications, new reports say that we will find a full HD display of 4.8 inches protected by sapphire crystal instead of the famous Gorilla Glass, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad-Core at 2 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and a huge battery of 4.000mAh (to give you an idea, the Galaxy S4 is 2,600 mAh). Furthermore, the X Phone will be waterproof and will include a carbon fiber casing with rubber edges in the corners.

Naturally, none of these details can be confirmed at this time, so keep clinging to that grain of salt until we get something official for you.

It is noteworthy that these new reports do not mention anything about the custom hardware. In previous reports, it was noted that the X Phone in fact would be a family of phones like the Galaxy S line and that Google would allow users to customize certain aspects of the hardware such as including ROM, storage and color. It took more force when a few days ago, Guy Kawasaki of Motorola hinted in his Google+ account that future devices would come with customization options hardware.

We do not know if these rumors are true or not, but it is almost certain that in the future we will see the X Phone. Is expected to have more concrete news on the upcoming Google I / O that will be held in May.

We look forward to informing any news!

Via: PhoneArena

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