Moments ago has leaked a new version 4.0.16 of the Google Play Store, which features a completely revamped interface with major changes and several new features.


The Google Play Store is an evolving market that has had several changes in recent years. Once it was a store that was tedious and difficult to navigate, with a great lack of features, but over time it has become something much more polished with design and image that probably has helped Google to introduce not only applications but also magazines, movies, books and music. However, the last major update that Google Play received was in July 2011, since then we have seen a number of small updates that were mostly adjustments to suit the design guidelines for Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich, but in the rest has not changed much.

But this long period without major news seems to have come to an end. Moments ago, has filtered Google Play 4.0, the new version of the store, which includes great new features and a totally renewed design.


As you can see from the pictures, the entire Google Play user interface has been revamped and looks more Holo than ever. New sources are now used as section titles, larger images and new “boxes” where icons are contained. Now the individual pages for applications, movies, etc are full of images larger and a much more clean and clear. The designs of most pages, including search results, remain largely the same, although Google is using text to separate sections with large color images to get attention.

Furthermore, the lists throughout the interface seems to have taken the model of Google Now cards. It also highlights a message pop-up that disappears after upgrading an application (as used to be the old Android Market), a unification of the Update All button (even for a single application), and a more distinct separation of the sections with their family color in the headers.


It is still not too clear when this new version 4.0.16 of Google Play will be released although possibly this is the version that will come with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie to be presented in May at Google I / O. As seen in the video, most new pages are not working at the moment, but we will look in the coming weeks to keep you abreast with any new developments!

Via: Droid-Life

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