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Gameloft is finalizing details of their new title Iron Man 3 and have today released a new gameplay video which shows the game’s graphics and gameplay. It seems that will not advance anything about the plot of the film that will be released on May 3.

The first impression given when watching the gameplay is that Iron Man 3 will be the style of Subway Surfers, where we must choose between three possible paths rapidly with constant obstacles and the speed of the character does not stop. We’ll have to collect coins and other objects. However later we can see where we need to target sequences different enemies so it seems that not all the time we will do the same thing. We will have the arsenal of weapons that counts the same Iron Man suit and it appears that will be a frantic game full of emotions.

Indeed graphs does not surprised me a lot, and while it is true that a title as popular as Iron Man 3 probably has been developed with the multiplicity of devices that will be played, I must confess that I was disappointed at least a bit.

At the end of the video you can see the image that indicates that Iron Man 3 will be released on April 25 but did not specify to which platform and everything indicates, based on previous releases, that first will do in iOS and a few days later in Android.

What do you thinkabout the new Iron Man 3? Will you see the film?

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