While the Samsung Galaxy S3 has good 3G reception, many times we are in areas where coverage is not too good. Want to improve 3G coverage of your Galaxy S3? Today in AndroidADN I bring a short tutorial so you can do it.


3G coverage of the Galaxy S3 can be increased substantially by manipulating its internal antenna and other elements. Before we begin I should clarify that this is not a simple procedure although not so complicated and the results obtained are excellent.

According to poncio44, user of the popular forum HTCMania after the intervention, the device is able to maintain a signal of-77dBm for 20 minutes (normal is between -108 dBm and 80), which means a considerable improvement.

Furthermore, the stability is also improved because the signal variations that are captured are much smaller therefore greatly reduced changes between 3G and 2G which occur in some locations with poor 3G coverage.

The process is risky and requires opening the device so you will lose the warranty. We clarify that from AndroidADN we are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your phone. It must be at your own risk.

As shown in the video below, you must open your Samsung Galaxy S3 with a screwdriver and lift the pins that make contact with the housing (in which is incorporated the laminated antenna). By having more contact, you get an increased coverage.

Have you tried this method? Have you noticed improvements in 3G coverage? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

More info | HTCmania

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