Google continues to expand its online services and now has added a new one that lets you take notes in the style of Evernote.

google-keep-01 (1)

Google Keep is basically an application for saving notes, make notes and save websites for reading later among other things. It would be something like an online version of Evernote, backed by Google which is always good.

According to Android Police reports, Google Keep was active last night for a while but then disappeared, leaving as evidence the screenshot above.

google-keep-03 (1)

This information is consistent with those seen in July last year when Google itself in its official channel on Google+ talking about Instant for mobile you could see a link saying “Add to Google Keep” kicking off the rumors of the service.

It should not draw attention that Google decides to try the service online briefly before launching it officially. Apparently Google Keep is closer than it seems.

Via | Android Police

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