The Google mail application has just updated to its version 4.3 which includes, within a lot of improvements, the ability to respond directly from the notifications for those using Jelly Bean.


Gmail has been updated and as remarkable improvement is found the ability to respond to an email directly from the notification bar, that serves for those that run on Android 4.1 onwards. This new feature allows us to speed up the process of answering an email, or delete or archive it because we can do it from the same notification which makes the process almost instantaneous. Without the need to turn to the application, this new enhancement not only looks great but is really functional, I have personally tested and I must admit it is very practical.

In this new version, when we touch the reply button opens a new window from which we can answer the mail, as it is shown in the image below, we see how it keeps the look of the interface:


But those without Jelly Bean not have to be disappointed because Google thinks of all its users and has taken into account those who are with older versions of Android. Those with Android 4.0 ICS will notice how the speed increases considerably and searches have been refined to deliver better results.

For those who still remain in very old versions of Android like Froyo or Gingerbread Google also has improved some aspects of its performance. So no matter which version of Android you are, Gmail has been updated big time and if you have not done so you can do it now from the link below to Google Play.

Google Play: Gmail

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