Google has just launched Keep its new service to take notes and do list not to forget about anything and that plans to compete directly with the popular Evernote.


Google Keep is an interesting application for taking notes, making lists of things we have to do (homework, products we have to buy at the grocery store, etc.), record small sentences that serve as reminders not to forget to take pictures of something, etc. And all this with colored notes that can display vertically or horizontally.

Google Keep syncs with all our Android devices which is very convenient as it gives us the possibility to always have this service at our disposal. Google Keep really seems to be a serious alternative to Evernote, the note application for excellence. Equally it is clear that Keep is different from Evernote because it has fewer options and focuses on simplicity and speed to point things.

In addition, Keep integrates with Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, Google+ and other services and while it still has enough room for improvement, looks like an interesting alternative.

Google Keep can be downloaded for free from Google Play and here also I leave the APK.

Google Keep (APK)

Google Keep (Google Play)

Esteban Cejas

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