As user of the Samsung Galaxy S3 I have had the opportunity to test a lot of applications, often for reviews in AndroidADN and others for personal use.

That is why today I would like to share with you a summary of the experience doing in this post a selection of games and applications that can not miss in your device.

Best Apps and Games Samsung Galaxy S3


Although Line is fighting a tough battle to dethrone WhatsApp and probablente emerge victorious in time, because it offers a lot of extra features, I doubt you like talking to tourself, so WhatsApp Messenger with more than 100 million users remains the best messaging client.

With a simple and intuitive interface, WhatsApp Messenger allows us to connect with our friends and family as simply using the internet either through WiFi or data packet. It works very well, even better than the SMS service of carriers, which turns obsolete traditional messages. If we consider that the user community grows every day, then it is very likely that in the near future WhatsApp will be The messaging application.

Its main advantages are the ability to share images, audio and video with a compressor their own application to reduce the size of files, group chats, automatic synchronization with your device contacts and the ability to receive messages even when off. WhatsApp Messenger also inform us when the message reaches its destination and when read; also notify us if a person is online or when was the last time it did.

Notably, one of the historic disadvantages of this application was the lack of security of the messages since they were not encrypted and it was possible to decipher if one was on the same WiFi network, but as this has been resolved I must confess that I find no counter to this application. In fact I would say that is the application number 1 as far as smartphones are concerned, you can not miss this app on you device.

Google PLAY : WhatsApp


Thinking recommend you a task manager, the first thing that comes to mind is GTask due to its excellent synchronization with Google services and Google Task calendar, but the truth is that the vast amount of options offered by Astrid force me to consider it as the best application for tasks managing.

You may not have the prettiest design or the most elegant interface, but Astrid has a myriad of interesting features and has been chosen as the best app of this type by the vast majority of blogs and journals.

Something that makes a difference between this and other apps, is that Astrid gets better as you use it. In addition, each time a task is nearing its expiration date, the application will notify you according to how you have configured it.

Astrid is not only a task manager but practically is a personal assistant that reminds us all we have to do. Whether you do not want to forget to visit your friends or family, going to pay the bills, the list of things that you buy at the grocery store or whatever, Astrid helps you keep your life organized so you do not miss anything . This lets you set reminders, alarms, etc..

This application also syncs the account so you can access and check your tasks from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Also you can create projects that require several activities, and split them with your friends to be more productive.

Astrid allows you to set tasks to repeat, organize them across different lists, search engine, themes to change the look and much more!

Google PLAY : Astrid


Snapseed Tablet

Recently acquired by Google, Snapseed is one of the best photo editing applications available on Google PLAY and that is why you can not miss on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Snapseed lets you retouch and enhance your photos with a lot of filters and effects to include Drama, Vintage, Grunge, and Tilt-Shift on the entire image or specific areas or objects.

It also gives an option of self-correction that automatically scans all the images and adjusts color and exposure, a selection of precise areas using U Point technology from Nik Software, white balance, saturation, contrast, etc.

Pulse News

Pulse is one of the top Google PLAY News readers. This application allows you to convert your favorite news sources into a colorful and interactive mosaic.

Its interface is really simple and intuitive, and through them you can take a quick look at the major developments of the sites to which you have subscribed, allowing in turn to pre-load them so you can view them offline.

Pulse Tablet

Pulse also gives you the possibility to organize news “pages” or “columns” to manage by theme. Each story comes with a thumbnail and a short introductory text.

Google Play : Pulse


Shazam is a service that allows you to identify songs that are playing. You only have to record it for a few seconds and this then will process the signal spectrum and compare it with its online database and will show the song title, artist and album along with their covers and artists information.

In addition, Shazam also gives us the chance to watch videos and concerts on YouTube, share music on Twitter and Facebook, remember the locations where we have been labeled and much more!

Google Play : Shazam

Fat Booth

Along with Talking Tom Cat, Fat Booth was selected as one of the Best Humor apps for Android, and I think both should be in your Samsung Galaxy S3, if you are someone who likes play pranks with your friends.

As its name implies, Fat Booth is an application where we can see how our faces would be with about 20 kilos more. Just take a picture with the camera or gallery, and adjusting the facial features, we will see how this hilarious app works..

Also, and from the same developers, there are some other funny apps similar to this (and maybe not so great) that will turn you bald, old, zombies, gross or just will mix ou faces making strange combinations..

Google PLAY : FatBooth

SwiftKey 4

Since the official inclusion of Flow, a sliding keyboard style Swype, SwiftKey 4 is to my taste one of the best and most comprehensive Android keyboards. This is an important feature in devices as wide as the Galaxy S3, as it becomes very difficult and dangerous to write with one hand if we have to lift a finger.

SwiftKey is a predictive keyboard incredible that literally revolutionized the way of writing on mobile devices. This lets you type without lifting your finger thus writing with one hand is greatly facilitated, especially in devices with large screens, where lifting your finger makes this could fall.

Among its features SwiftKey corrects typos if you do not enter any space required to write and since its new version includes a bigger space bar, quick scoring key and other gestures.

The keyboard is able to learn to use the way we write and the words that we use, so its predictive ability improves with time.

Google Play : Swiftkey

avast! Free Mobile Security

avast! is probably one of the best Antivirus for Android  both for its ability to detect viruses and malware as for burglar functions, which will be thankful if losing your Galaxy S3.

Among its main features is the analysis of threats, privacy advisor, SMS and calls filter, an integrated firewall (for root users). It also gives you options to protect your personal data with automatic alerts of infected URLs, control of data flows in and out, and application manager.

Furthermore, Avast has an anti stolen called Anti-Theft that provides remote access via SMS or Web from which you can determine the location, lock, locate, sound the alarm and delete device data.

Google PLAY : Avast


Dropbox  is the cloud storage service more popular because of its ease of use and functionality. Also it is a multi-platform service that is available for Windows, Linux and Mac in its desktop version and for Blackberry Android and iOS in mobile version.

Dropbox offers 2 GB of free storage space and although it focuses on sync and share files also has support for revision history, so files deleted from the Dropbox folder can be recovered from any device synchronized.

Dropbox works like a folder over your operating system, so it will be very easy to use. It also has a feature that lets you know the history of a file so you can work on it without danger of losing the previous versions.

This service uses delta encoding technology and to conserve bandwidth when modifying a file only loads the modified parts.

Google PLAY : Dropbox


Although I think it would be a bit annoying jogging with our Galaxy S3, I’m bringing an application for athletes. This is Endomondo Sports Tracker, a tracker of physical activity which in turn is a social network where you can compete with your friends and share the results of your training.

Using the GPS feature of your device Endomondo Sports Tracker is able to record the journey that you perform during your workout on a map, so you can take it when you run, walk or ride a bike to get data from the distance covered, drops, maximum speed, average and minimum, etc.. Furthermore every some distance this trainer will indicate you this data to get an idea of the rhythm you carry.

But the most interesting part of this app is on the side of its social network. In this your friends can see your physical activity practices and comment in real time, you can set goals as distance or calorie burn and create competitions with friends to see who beats your mark.

Google PLAY : Endomondo Sports Tracker

Best Games Samsung Galaxy S3

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour-2

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour is one of the best shooters we can play on our Samsung Galaxy S3. In this new installment of Gameloft the world is on the brink of nuclear disaster and the only ones who can help are a small group of elite soldiers whose mission is to find and rescue the world leaders from the claws of a powerful terrorist group.

As it could not be otherwise MC 4 features extraordinary HD graphics, realistic animations and dynamic objects that leverage the power and the huge screen of the Galaxy S3.

In Zero Hour you will test your war skills to shoot accurately, learning to manage a large arsenal of weapons and dominate the battlefield with tactical movements in different locations around the world, from Antarctica to Barcelona.

Google PLAY : Modern Combat 4


Shadowgun DeadZone-2

Selected as one of the best games in 2012 by Google, which I can only nod and say it’s to my taste the best multiplayer shooter that you’ll find on Android.

Developed by MADFINGER Games this third person shooter lets you experience intense combat with up to 12 players in two game modes (Deathmatch and Control Zone), in several different maps and 10 characters to choose from.

As you go defeating your enemies, you will increase the rank of your character and you´ll be able to unlock new items that will help you improve your skills.

You must also learn to handle a wide arsenal of weapons with assault rifles, machine guns, plasma rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, among others, all of which can be updated and improved. You can also take objects as Medi Kit, Kit of ammunition, frag grenades, flash grenades, EMP grenades, sentry guns and mines.

Google PLAY : SHADOWGUN DeadZone

Real Football 2013

The best football game could not stay outside of your Samsung Galaxy S3. We are talking about Real Football 2013, a game in which you have to train and lead your team to meet not only the role of technical director, but also the managerial.

As such you have to to continue developing club facilities, hiring new staff and getting the best sponsors. This means you’ll have to worry about choosing the most appropriate training and choose the best tactics in every game but you have to develop your club building modern facilities, best golf training, etc.

Starting with a rookie team, you have to improve the skills and abilities of your players to reach the top league and compete against the best teams in the world.

Google PLAY : Real Football 2013

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis Challenge is one of the best tennis games for Android. Here you can choose from more than 50 of the best players in the world and play in 18 major stadiums to prove who is the best. Your mission is to beat the best players and become the number one in the world ranking, either in singles or doubles.

You will have to practice your shots and your concentration with moves that match the style of your player and different surfaces to get the best shots when you need them most, as the big players do.

Also the game features different modes to include the SPT World Tour: where you choose a custom character to participate in all international competitions seasons and earn money progressing in games to buy new tickets to tournaments; Exhibition Match : where you can choose any of the courts and characters unlocked in single or double and Multiplayer mode: to challenge a friend face to face by Bluetooth.

Google PLAY : Virtua Tennis Challenge Free

Google PLAY : Virtua Tennis Challenge

Asphalt 7: Heat

Asphalt 7: Heat is, in my opinion, the best racing game I have ever seen to date. If you like racing, this is the game for you.

Everything in this title is wonderful, cars, scenarios, missions, the graphics, the soundtrack. It’s really some of the best that Gameloft has released.

In Asphalt 7: Heat you can feel all the speed and the best visual effects of the Asphalt series. In this new release, you can drive more than 60 vehicles from the top manufacturers among which are found Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti or Aston Martin, and others. In addition, you can drive your car in 15 different circuits around various locations like Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami or Rio.

If you’re tired of competing against the computer, you can play multiplayer and battle with up to 5 friends locally or online. Play as you like at any of the 6 game modes with 15 different leagues and 150 runs

Google PLAY : Asphalt 7: Heat

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is already one of the classic games for Android. In this you have to defend yourself from hordes of zombies that attack your garden by planting vegetables and mushrooms that shoot seeds or potatoes that delay access.

You’ll have an arsenal of 50 plants antizombis and you can use peashooters, walnuts and petacerezas among other plants to stop, confuse, weaken and composting over 26 types of zombies before they reach your door.

In addition, each zombie has special skills, so you should be vigilant and act quickly to combat them all. You must also be smart and use your plants and seeds with boldness because you’ll encounter obstacles like a setting sun, creeping fog and a swimming pool that will pose an additional challenge as you battle the zombies.

Google PLAY : Plants vs Zombies

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is another of the classic games that have taken root in Google PLAY among users due to its simplicity and frantic action. The objective of this game is to cut as many fruits possible trying to evade the bombs that will explode and you will lose or discount points.

Fruit Ninja has three game modes:

  • Classic: must cut all fruits that appear on the screen, and score as many points as possible
  • Zen: you have to cut as many fruits as possible and get the highest score possible in a minute and a half
  • Arcade: you have a minute to get the highest score.

Google Play : Fruit Ninja

This is not all! in a few days I’ll be uploading some more games so you can try them on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Leave your comments and recommendations in the comments section!!

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