We are finishing the month of March and as usual in AndroidADN we bring a summary of the best of the month in the Android app store. In this article we will see the best apps released or updated during this period so you do not miss any of the big news.

Best Android Apps (March 2013)

Google Keep


This month was crossed by the launch of a new service of the Internet giant which shook other notes applications like Evernote. We’re talking about Google Keep, an interesting application that allows you to take notes, make lists, write short phrases reminder, take pictures, etc..

Google Keep seems to be an interesting alternative to Evernote, allowing you to synchronize with all Android devices and although has fewer options this is really easy to use and fast.

In addition, Keep integrates with Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, Google+ and other Google services so it’s a pretty serious alternative.

Google PLAY : Google Keep

Google Translate


Besides launching Google Keep March had another major release by Google. In this case we refer to the official Google Translate app which received a major upgrade after which helps download the languages ​​and translate texts without internet connection.

Thus with Google Translate 2.6 now you can save data, translate what you want quickly and without paying roaming when you are abroad.

When you open the application you will notice that the menu includes the Languages ​​offline from which you can download and manage the languages ​​you want to use offline.

Google PLAY : Google Translate



The war of applications is not only being carried out in the notes field. Several competitors like LINE and WeChat are trying to dethrone Whataspp and to these are now added Path that has just received a major update to incorporate the ability to send messages and all kinds of files for free.

Besides the private messaging service the new update Path includes stickers like LINE which you can stick on the conversations and other types of files like videos, your location, audio and images to which you can apply some filters.

Google PLAY : Path

WhatsApp Shadow

WhatsApp-Shadow-3 WhatsApp-Shadow-

One of the major disadvantages of WhatsApp is the great exhibition this application does of our state, as it warns all of our contacts when we are connected or entered the application for the last time.

If you are dating you know how much trouble this may cause you, but fortunately we have an application that allows us to enter WhatsApp in invisible mode immediately.

We’re talking about WhatsApp Shadow, an application that allows you to read and respond WhatsApp messages without anyone seeing that you have connected. For this, the app disables WiFi and data when you’re inside WhatsApp.

This has a disadvantage because when in invisible mode you can´t send or receive messages and have to exit the application, however Whatsapp Shadow has a refresh button that allows you to send and receive pending messages without showing that you are connected.

Google PLAY : WhatsApp Shadow

AdBlock Plus


AdBlock Plus is an application that allows you to block annoying ads on your device. Although this was recently removed for violating Google PLAY store policies for this reason, its developers continue to offer the APK from the official website.

Thus Adblock Plus remains an excellent tool that blocks advertising to surf the Internet and use applications freeware. This app blocks all types of ads: video advertising, banners, push notifications, HTML5 and more advertising.

Worth noting that Adblock Plus may have limited functionality, depending on the version of Android of the device and whether if it has root access or not:

  • In the root device, the ads are blocked via Wi-Fi and 3G
  • On devices non root with Android 3.1 or later, the ads are blocked via Wi-Fi
  • On devices non root with Android 3.0 or earlier, some manual configuration is required. To do this you must visit this site.
  • Also, Android does not allow blocking ads on websites with SSL encryption.

APK : Adblock Plus 1.1

Clean Master


As with every major operating system, Android has a variety of cleaning applications that promise to speed up performance. This is the case of Clean Master, an app that allows you to free up memory and improve performance and fluidity of your device.

Clean Master lets you clear the cache, residual files, search history, remove applications, and close tasks to free up RAM memory and save battery without having to have root privileges.

Google PLAY : Clean Master

Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger is one of the apps we do not see between our rankings often, and this is because the latest update brought no big surprises. However, this time the Facebook messaging application deserves entering our selection, as has just added the ability to make free calls to your contacts via the VoIP protocol.

This feature is available for both 3G connections and WiFi and to use it you just have to enter the chat of a contact that is connected and press the i symbol located on the top. This will send the contact’s profile from which you just press the option Freecall.

Like Skype or Viber the calls will be received even if the application is closed and there will be a noticeable delay of half a second in Wi-Fi networks which increases in 3G connections.

Google PLAY : Facebook Messenger

Falcon Pro

falcon-pro (1)

When it comes to Twitter clients, the best of them all is Falcon Pro. Among its main advantages are the speed of the interface, the number of options to configure notifications and the theme of the application, and the easy access to global and local trends as well as our mentions and favorites.

But that’s not all, since version 1.7 released in March, Falco Pro has included some improvements requested by their users as a customizable widget and the ability to translate tweets. The new widget has a design that maintains the aesthetics of the application and allows you to choose between three styles of background, text and link color.

Google PLAY : Falcon PRO

Carbon backup

carbon-appsync (1)

Carbon is one of the best applications to make backups and sync our devices. The latest update just added support for encrypted devices.

This functionality means that the application can work with desktop security password, which is used to protect the adb backups. When consulted in questions by users of Google+ its developer said that it intends to add support for the Recovery cryptfs in next update.

Google PLAY : Carbon backup



The competition in Notes applications has increased with the launch of Google Keep, and those who do not want to lag behind are releasing updates with significant improvements.

This is the case of Evernote who has just updated to version 5.0 in which incorporates Page Camera, a feature that allows you to scan documents taking a photo. In addition, Evernote now supports the Smart Notebook of Moleskine, which has specially formatted paper to take notes to the digital world much easier.

Moreover, premium users can now access a new feature that allows them to search through attachments, spreadsheets and presentations, and also have added shortcuts for quick access to notes, books and labels frequently accessed.

Google PLAY : Evernote

This has been our selection of the best applications of March 2013! I hope you’ve been able to take at least some of these apps to your device and if you have any recommendations we look forward to your participation in the comments section. Also check out our selection of best games of the month following this link.

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