AdBlock Plus is an application that allows you to block annoying ads on your device. Although this was recently removed for violating Google PLAY store policies for this reason, its developers continue to offer the APK from the official website.

Thus Adblock Plus remains an excellent tool that blocks advertising to surf the Internet and use applications freeware. This app blocks all types of ads: video advertising, banners, push notifications, HTML5 and more advertising.

Worth noting that Adblock Plus may have limited functionality, depending on the version of Android of the device and whether if it has root access or not:

  • In the root device, the ads are blocked via Wi-Fi and 3G
  • On devices non root with Android 3.1 or later, the ads are blocked via Wi-Fi
  • On devices non root with Android 3.0 or earlier, some manual configuration is required. To do this you must visit this site.
  • Also, Android does not allow blocking ads on websites with SSL encryption.


If you usually check the data usage by application, you will see that Adblock Plus seems to consume a lot of data. This is because all traffic must pass through the app so that it can filter it and block the ads. Android considers this as traffic caused by the application, but it is actually the sum of all data traffic.

Adblock Plus 1.1 APK

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