As we approach the date of submission, arise more and more information. According to sources within the company, Samsung Galaxy S4 will incorporate Orb, a new feature for shooting panoramic 360 ° better than Photo Sphere.


“Photo Sphere” was one of the most important developments that incorporated Google in Android 4.2. This is a great feature for taking panoramic pictures 360 °. We all wondered if other manufacturers would have access to this technology to incorporate it for its own devices and it seems that at least one of them will.

And who could do it but Samsung. According to a software engineer of the firm, the company will release “Samsung Orb” in the next Galaxy S4. But what is Orb? As it seems a functionality similar to Photo Sphere although somewhat improved as it will allow users to record images at 360 ° and provide “an almost three-dimensional visual experience.” Additionally, Orb will be “even better than Photo Sphere due to the amazing Galaxy S4 camera”. Given the enormous expectations that are around the Galaxy S4, hopefully this smartphone comes with a few surprises up his sleeve.


In addition, Samsung will also be working with Facebook to easily share photos of Orb, which would be a great advantage over Photo Sphere, whose images are shared primarily through Google+. It is still unclear if “Orb” will be compatible with the material that Google created to provide support and share images from Photo Sphere. Remember that currently, the only way to share the Google panoramic photos on the web is through the Google ecosystem, so it will be interesting to see how the two standards coexist alongside each other.

Since this is not an official announcement from Samsung, we must take this information as a rumor but I personally think that the information makes sense and probably will see Orb in the Galaxy S4.

Samsung is expected to officially present its new flagship next 14th of March in the city of New York. In less than a month all our questions will be answered.

What do you think? Will we see a feature like Samsung Orb in the Galaxy S4? Leave me your thoughts in the comments!

Via: Android Geeks

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