Google Maps has just received a small update which suggests one of its great additions in future versions: a lane assistant, something that other GPS like TomTom or Garmin already offer.

Google Maps is probably one of the best apps available for Android. Not only is a GPS app that tells us the best way to get from one place to another but also provides us with information on public transport, allows you to download and view maps offline, gives us the sights Street View internal images of buildings and much more. Perhaps the only thing missing is a lane assistant, which tells us if the exit we should take is on the left or right and gives us information about the number of lanes. Well, Google Maps will incorporate that option soon.

Apparently, Lane Assistant will be available in Google Maps Navigation, because in the last update that was just released today, there is text without use for the feature “Report a problem” that refers to the wizard and conflicts with rails and arrows.

There is still some time for this wizard to be available but we already have evidence of what’s to come in the next version of Google Maps. In addition, this application has just received a small update which fixes some bugs.

Google Maps (Google Play)

Via: AP

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