The popular Internet browser has been updated to version 19 for both desktops and mobiles


Mozilla fulfilled what had stated in its update schedule and has already released Firefox 19, the newest version of its browser for both mobile and desktop, and although we find few novelties is always good to keep our browser updated.

While many have criticized its mobile version because of high demands and low speed, Firefox 19 has reduced the requirements since the same demand aprocessor of 600 MHx and not 800 MHz as before, this surely is the result of an optimization of the application since it also has added support for the traditional and simplified Chinese.

The outstanding feature of Firefox 19 is the addition of support for themes that will allow us to customize the search bar of the browser with themes and designs that can be downloaded from the Mozilla site. To change the Firefox theme we must go to Menu -> Tools -> Plugins and click on the shortcut to go to the site where we will find the accessories selections of themes where we can go with the one that we like.


In my view, and a step below Dolphin and Chrome, Firefox is one of the best browsers for Android that offers some special features and becomes primarily useful If you are a user of the desktop version. Firefox 19 is now available for download from Google Play for free, and the Android version required varies by device.

Firefox 19 (Google Play)

Firefox 19 (Escritorio)

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