Gameloft’s first game to be launched with Unreal Engine 3 has just received its first update which incorporates a new multiplayer mode called “Juggernaut” and other features.



For those who do not know, this multiplayer mode is in several games, including Wild Blood now, and consists of the following: a player becomes the Juggernaut, and the rest should basically eliminate it. The Juggernaut has greater health and powers than the rest, thus no easy task to take him down, and the one who makes the killing blow will become Juggernaut in the nex match.

Wild Blood 1.1.1

In addition to the new multiplayer mode has been added a new map called Haunted Castle and new weapons like the sword Excalibur, Crystal Axe Double Blade and The Reckoning Longbow and new armor of King Arthur.

In addition to the new equipment have been improved bugs of the camera and controls and custom settings for players to suit their taste. The update is now available on Google Play.

If you have not tried Wild Blood I recommend you do so because it is one of the best Gameloft games

Google Play Wild Blood

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