As promised, Canonical has announced the first mobile version of Ubuntu, which will have its debut on a device in early 2014.

At a recent conference held in London, Canonical has just introduced Ubuntu OS for mobile devices. The operating system is based on current Android kernel and drivers but does not use a Java Virtual Machine and promises to use “all the power of the phone.” It also supports both ARM and x86 processors, devices with Ubuntu OS will be compatible enough so that manufacturers of Android phones can run on their computers with minimal adaptation.

Ubuntu for Android, announced in February last year, will be the first step in bringing this new ecosystem for mobile devices. However, will have to wait a while to see the first equipment with this new OS. Not yet announced any agreement with a manufacturer or operator but Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical chief, said the first device running Ubuntu will be released in early 2014 and probably will be a manufacturer of Android devices.

While will have to wait until early 2014 to see the first phones with Ubuntu, the company has a number of demo phones and downloadable images of the platform that will be available for the Galaxy Nexus in the coming weeks. From what I could find, Ubuntu Mobile will come with a new user interface adapted for small screens and has some similarities with Windows 8.

There is still time for us to see but it is good to continue adding other platforms to mobile devices.

Via: Engadget

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