Today in AndroidADN I bring you Tile Launcher, a special launcher that lets you enjoy several of the best features of Windows Phone and Android on your device.

Whether you use Windows Phone or not, you will have to get used to the mosaics because Microsoft is incorporating them everywhere: Xbox, PC, tablet and now smartphones. If you like the style of the mosaics, Tile Launcher is the application for you. This launcher will allow you to give a Windows Phone style to your phone while holding several major features of Android.

Beyond that you’re not a big fan of the Windows Phone interface, Tile Launcher deserves a chance because although the typical features of that platform mosaics, allows to incorporate custom icons that make it look great.

In addition, this launcher provides some very interesting customization options. For example, we can change the space between the mosaics, change the wallpaper, and even choose a animated combining elements of WP and Android. As if this were not enough, the displacement is not paginated as in most launchers but has a horizontal continuous scrolling desktop style (as in the Metro style interfaces).

This application is based on the stock launcher Jellybean 4.2 and works with all icons and backgrounds for Windows Phone and Windows 8.
It should be noted that this is an application that is still in beta so it still has some bugs, but even so it is an excellent choice to test on your Android.

Tile Launcher can be downloaded from Google Play for free and requires Android 4.0 or higher. Here also I leave the APK.

Download Tile Launcher (Google Play)

Download Tile Launcher (APK)

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