Samsung has added a lot of functionality for the camera in their high-end devices like Smart Stay and Smart Rotate. If you want to have them you can buy a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 or download the application GMD Smart Rotate which does exactly the same on any Android.

For those unfamiliar with these features I´ll briefly explain what they´re about.

Smart Rotation: This functionality uses the front camera and when the phone rotates, the camera detects the orientation of the user’s face to determine your angle and then adjust the orientation of the screen to make it more user friendly.

Smart Stay: This is another feature that makes use of the front camera. The device’s screen stays on when we have our eyes on the screen. If we take the sight of the screen, it will turn off to improve battery usage.

GMD uses the front camera instead of the accelerometer for face recognition, which means that if you hold the phone in landscape mode, even when you are horizontal, the device will “know” not to rotate the screen. The main thing is to use the application to make sure that your face is clearly visible for the front camera.

This application replaces the default screen rotation of the device and add functions like:

  • Uses the front camera to evaluate the position of your face and decide whether the device’s screen has to rotate or not.
  • Automatically keeps the screen on while looking (full version only).
  • Lock rotation in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Flat Rotation: rotates the device while lying on the table or your palm (the front camera to detect your face).
  • Forces to turn the applications that do not allow the rotation by default.
  • Ability to set preferences for rotation according to the application (full version only).
  • Widget and Shortcuts.
  • Integrates with GMD GestureControl and GMD Spen Control using shortcuts.

So if you want to take some of the functionalities of high-end Samsung devices to your device, GMD Smart Rotate is an excellent choice. This application can be downloaded for free from Google Play and comes in two versions: a Free version that is free and a full version that is priced at $ 1.99. Both require Android 2.3 or higher.

Download GMD Smart Rotate Free (Google Play)

Download GMD Smart Rotate Full (Google Play)

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