Today in AndroidADN I bring you DataSync, an excellent application to easily synchronize the data of our applications on any device you want.


DataSync allows you to share information of the applications with other Android devices, meaning that you can play a game on your smartphone, synchronize data and continue playing from your tablet just where you were long as you are root.

DataSync works mainly on the local WiFi network but also supports Dropbox and Box to sync apps when we have no access to a WiFi connection. This application also allows you to sync your applications using Bluetooth and NFC.



  • Parallel data synchronization via WiFi
  • Holo UI optimized for tablets
  • Automatically discovers paired devices
  • Synchronization with Dropbox and Box
  • Direct access to synchronization in just two clicks

DataSync Beta:

  • Completely redesigned, faster, more efficient and intuitive
  • New Holo UI for all devices
  • Background synchronization and notifications in Android Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher
  • Secure synchronization
  • FTP Support

DataSync Plus:

  • Possibility of scheduling automatic sync
  • Real-time synchronization
  • True two-way simultaneous synchronization
  • Synchronizing via Bluetooth
  • Synchronization via NFC
  • Create and restore local backups


Tutorial: Configure DataSync

I repeat, this app only works for root users

After installing DataSync must press Menu → Settings → Synchronize Dropbox account or Box.

NOTE: If you do not have an account on one of these two services you can´t continue so if you do not have one, you´ll have to create one.

Once you’ve set up your account, you will see the login page of the service and will have to give the app permission to act on our Dropbox or Box account.

Then you go to the DataSync home screen and there you hit Applications. The app will start loading all the applications you have installed. Then choose the apps you want to sync and you hit Synchronize (the button with two arrows). There will come a message asking what method you want to use and choose Dropbox to continue with the example.

Then will come another message asking what directory you want  synchronization to go: Upload (upload the data to the cloud), Download (download them), or Automatic two-way (does it alone, either direction). Select to Upload.

Finally, to synchronize data on another device, you must follow exactly the same steps but instead of selecting Upload, you must select Download and have all the data of your applications and games synchronized across all your devices.

Here is a video to see the app in action:

DataSync is available to download from Google Play in three versions: a standard that is free, a beta which is also free and a Plus version priced at $ 1.99.

Download DataSync (Google Play)

Download DataSync Beta (Google Play)

Download DataSync+ (Google Play)

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