The expectation to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 is huge and every day new information arises regarding the device. Just saw what would be its screen and now we get more leaks about its GPU. The next Samsung flagship would incorporate a graphics processor (GPU) PowerVR, the same that Apple uses in its iPhone and iPad.

Samsung introduced a few days ago their new processor Exynos Octa 5 of 8 cores which will be of 28 nm and will have Big.LITTLE technology of ARM that combines two sets of quad cores each: a set of processors Cortex-A15 that handle the most demanding tasks, and another group of Cortex-A7 processors with greater energy efficiency.

While we still do not know for sure, many speculate that this will be the processor that incorporates the Galaxy S4, which would be accompanied by a PowerVR GPU that Apple uses in its iPhone and iPad.

So far, Samsung has used the Mali GPU from ARM in different flagships. However, this would change with the Galaxy S4 to increase fluency and device performance. Apparently, the Korean company is inclined by a GPU PowerVR SGX 544MP3, similar to the 543 used in the SoC A5 and A5X from Apple but with DirectX 10 hardware integration for textures and twice as fast in the triangle configuration.

This would put the Galaxy S4 between the iPad 3 and iPad 4 (A5X and A6X) in terms of graphics and processing power as long as the memory interface of Android is as efficient as that of Apple, which is not easy to achieve.

Via: Anandtech

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