Although lacking official confirmation was pretty obvious. Lebanon Samsung has just confirmed via their official Facebook page that the Galaxy S4 will not be released before May.

Moments ago I mentioned that Samsung would show a prototype of its next flagship to some senior executives of the operators and other large firms but its arrival in stores will occur several months later as expected.

Samsung Lebanon has reported through its official Facebook page that the Galaxy S4 will come after May this year, pulling down the illusions of those who hoped to enjoy it at the beginning of 2013.

While what is reported through the Facebook pages is not always 100% official, gives us a clue of what to expect. In addition, an arrival starting May is the most logical and corresponds to what has been talking for weeks.

Eager to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 in action? It seems we still have to wait a few months although we can already enjoy their first allegedly official image.

Via: Facebook

Esteban Cejas

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