Are you tired of your launcher? Want to give a new look to your device? Today in AndroidADN I bring you the perfect tool for this. Bazooka Launcher is an excellent launcher with great customization options.


As I mentioned a while ago, one of the great advantages of Android over iOS is the ability to use launchers, which allow us to give a totally different look to our devices home screens and use alternatives to the default screen. In Google Play Store there are a lot of launchers to choose from but if aesthetics is what you’re looking for, Bazooka Launcher is the one for you.

With Bazooka Launcher you can transform your home screen with a lot of styles and themes. Moreover, unlike other launchers that sacrifice speed offering different features and aspects, Bazooka is soft and fluid and allows to give the appearance we want to our device without these usual delays.

Bazooka Launcher-3 Bazooka Launcher-4

A fact not less is that Bazooka is an extended version of Trebuchet Launcher, the launcher that comes by default with CyanogenMod ROMs. As seen in the images, Bazooka has an aesthetically pleasing and offers great customization options. It also replaces the lock screen that comes by default for another depending on the theme that is applied, similar to MiHome launcher.

Bazooka Launcher has good speed and stability but also has aspects to improve. However, if you want to try a new launcher, Bazooka is a great choice and the best part is that it is a free application.

Download Bazooka Launcher (Google Play)

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