A few months ago, Ouya grossed the 8.5 million dollars needed to start the project and begin marketing this new game console based on the Android operating system.

At that time the console could handle and now has begun to reach developers that had the development version that came only with a simple user interface.

Thus, we have begun to see how function some of the titles for Android already known, a fundamental requirement to make this project viable.

Street Fighter II

In this video we can see how it works without problems Street Fighter II, a Super Nintendo 2D emulated game for Android.

Super Mario 64

In another video, you can see the rather simple 3D graphics of Super Mario 64 by Nintendo 64 emulator.

Sonic 4

Finally, we also have a video of Sonic 4, a game with more detailed graphics that require more power and tests the speed of processing of the Ouya.

What do you say Android gamers? Would you buy this console?

Via Xtaka

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