After completing the root in our Nexus 4 with Toolkit, we understood that this is one of the best tools to start customizing our devices because its simplicity is overwhelming.

So today we have decided to bring the same tutorial for the Nexus 4, where we will install the drivers, unlock the bootloader and obtain root access with this fantastic tool without the need to install the Android ADB.

Install Nexus 4 Toolkit

1) The first step is to download the Nexus 4 Toolkit from here and install it on our PC.

2) Then you have to run the program and see a console where you will see the following line:

Do you want to check if an update is available [type yes or no]?

Then you have to type no if you have your Nexus 4 in the latest version of Android and will display the following:

Enable USB Debuggin

1) To activate the USB debuggin option in the Nexus 4 you must unlock Developer options. To do this you have to enter the menu Settings> About tablet and press several times on the last option (Build Number) until it comes out the message that you are already developer.

2) Now you must return to the Settings menu> Developer Options and tick the check box of USB debuggin.

Start Nexus 4 in FastBoot

1) Then you have to launch the Nexus 4 in fastboot mode. To do this you have to turn off the device and then press the power and volume keys at once. Then it will display a screen with an Android in the center and a tab that says Start.

Install Drivers and Connect to the PC

1) Before connecting our Nexus 4 to the PC will need to install the ADB drivers. Fortunately Nexus 4 Toolkit has an option for it.

Open the toolkit type in no to exit the upgrade option and type 1 to select the option to install the drivers. Probably you get a warning message in Windows you will have to accept.

2) Now you can connect the Nexus 4 in fastboot mode to the PC via USB cable

If everything went correctly you should see a message in Windows that says the following:

Unlock Root y ClockworkMod en Nexus 4

The process involves unlocking the bootloader of our Nexus 4, then get root access and then install ClockworkMod Recovery.

1) Again, the Nexus 4 toolkit has an option that allows us to make the whole process in one step. To do this you have to enter the toolkit and type the number 8 to select the option that applies these changes. By doing so you will see a menu and have to enter yes to confirm.

2) The process will begin by unlocking the bootloader and you will see the following image on your Nexus 4. To confirm this, you must select Yes by pressing the power button.

3) At the end of the unlocking process, the device will reboot and you will have to enter the details of your Google account. It is very important not to disconnect it from the PC and reactivate the USB debuggin option as said previously.

4) You can see that the toolkit process continues and the Nexus 4 will restart in fastboot mode and then in normal mode.

5) After completing the last reboot you will have the bootloader unlocked and ClockworkMod Recovery installed.

This was it, I hope you found the process easy, we have tried to be as inclusive as possible so there are no doubts.

Esteban Cejas

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