Mediafire Android

Following the close of Megaupload, MediaFire became one of the storage services in the cloud more popular.

Now this service has its official Android application from which you can upload and download any file from their servers, and manage them thanks to its file manager.

But unlike its competitors, Mediafire for Android offers a lot of free storage space, because only for registering, you will have 50 GB to store whatever you want on your account.

Mediafire Android (5)Mediafire Android (4)

This space can also be extended for a small fee that enables you to have up to 1000 GB, or to activate optional features like the ability to distribute the files, or perform automatic backups.

As in the rest of these applications, Mediafire lets you upload the files you already have created on your device or upload them at the time they are created.

Files can be public or private, and you can share them via a simple link.

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Google PLAY: Mediafire

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