Every user wants to get the most out of their device, to be super fluid and with no lag. While Android has improved a lot in this aspect since Jelly Bean, still not perfect. So today in AndroidADN will show how to improve performance and fluidity of your smartphone.

One of the main criticisms of iOS fans to Android is the lag that Google’s mobile platform has at certain points of the system. While I do not entirely share this statement, it is true that iOS has an amazing fluidity and its performance is excellent. However, with Jelly Bean 4.1, Android fluency improved greatly, showing large improvements in the speed and fluidity of the OS and reducing lag.

Furthermore, in Jelly Bean 4.2 these aspects were further improved, although there are certain aspects in which the system presents certain lag.

However, this problem has a solution. An XDA forum user called lambgx02, has developed Seeder an application which greatly increases the fluidity of the system reduces the lag in rooted Android devices.

A lot of users have already tested the application and reports are very satisfactory because they argue that performance and fluidity of the OS significantly improves.

Methods for installing Seeder

Worth noting that to install this application need to be root and have installed BusyBox.

Now let’s look at three methods through which we can install Seeder and improve the performance of our Android.

1 – Download Seeder from Google Play

Seeder is available to download from Google Play at a price of 1.53 dollars and has excellent reviews, with an average score of 4.6.

Download Seeder (Google Play)

This is the simplest method but you will pay. Not too much but if you are short of money and prefer to do it without pay, you can take a look at the following two methods.


Simply remove the application from your phone and go.

2 – Flashing from CWM

The second method is also simple. Just download this file and flash it from recovery. To do this you must download ROM Manager or the application of this type that you like best.


You must enter recovery and flash this file

3 – Manual Method

This is the most complicated (but really not that hard). Here are the steps:

1 – The first thing you have to do is download Seeder from this link

2 – Then, you must extract the. Zip and you will see one folder called “install”. Move it to the root of the SD card (/ sdcard)

3 – Then download Android Terminal Emulator from Google Play.

Download Android Terminal Emulator (Google Play)

4 – Open the application and type the following command:

cd /sdcard/install
sh install.sh

Do not worry about the error messages and warning and reboot your device.

5 – Success! You’ll get your apps much faster and no lag!


In case you want to uninstall the application you can do the following:

1 – Download this file

2 – Then, extract it to the root of the SD card (/ sdcard). There you should see a file called uninstall.sh.

3 – Then open Terminal Emulator and type the following:

cd /sdcard
sh uninstall.sh

4 – Ready! You will have completed the uninstall.

Have you tried this app? Do you see performance improvements in your device? Please leave me your thoughts in the comments!

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