Find hidden functions on our devices is one of the most interesting parts of the Android customization and thanks to the guys at XDA today we discovered a hidden menu on the Samsung Galaxy Note II Verizon.

Probably these are not useful for the average user but often tend to offer some useful features help make certain processes easier and even solve some problems.

Enable Hidden menu

To access the hidden menu we must use CASUAL a modified application by AdamOutler, one of the elite XDA developers.

Before you begin you must take into account that your Samsung Galaxy Note II from Verizon must be rooted, and you must have the latest version of Java installed on your PC.

1) The first step is to download the application to our PC from here and make sure we have Java updated from here.
2) Then you have to enter the menu Settings> Developer Options and enable USB Debugging

3) Then you must connect your Samsung Galaxy Note II Verizon to the PC via the USB cable

4) From the PC you have to start the application CASUAL and click the Do It button!

5) From your device, you have to enable hidden menu from the pop up window that will appear on screen.

6) Now you need to click the Do It button! of Casul and you will already have enabled the hidden menu on your Samsung Galaxy Note II from Verizon

From there, you now have access to the following menus:

USBSetting Menu
LTE Mode Menu
TestMode Menu
##DATA# Menu
##MSL# Menu
##DEBUG# Menu
##Phone Util# Menu
##RTN# Menu


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