Yesterday Facebook sent invitations to the media calling for an event that will be held next 15th January. Although not has given too many details of what will be announced at the conference, many hope that the frim of Mark Zuckerberg finally present its own smartphone, the Facebook Phone.

With invitations that read “Come and see what we are building”, Facebook summoned the press for Tuesday of next week at 10 am Pacific time.

While it is unclear what we will see in this event, some speculate that it could be a new software or services related to the acquisition of Instagram last year. However, others delude themselves that Facebook finally releases its long awaited Facebook Phone, something that has been rumoured for some time.

Recall that in late 2012, Facebook launched a major update to its application for Android, dropping HTML5 and making its social network, a native app on the platform, so the next step would be the presentation of a Facebook phone.

Still nothing concrete about the event, so we will wait, but the whole community has been excited about this possibility.

What do you think? Will we see the first Facebook Phone next week?

Esteban Cejas

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