Router Keygen is one of the best applications for Wi-Fi decoding that are available for Android and has now received a new update that will solve problems with some routers and other minor bugs.

News of Router Keygen 3.2.0

Specifically the Router Keygen 3.2.0 update adds support for TeleTu/Tele2 routeres of an Italian operator acquired by Vodafone in 2012, the routers support the Mexican operator Maxcom and PTV, and fixes some compatibility issues with Alice and Cabovisao routers.

News of Router Keygen 3.3.0

This latest version of Router Keygen adds support for routers wifimedia_R-XXXX and improves the speed of the native calculation for Thomson routers using all available processor cores.

What is Router Keygen?

Router Keygen is an application that can calculate routers passwords to decipher the WiFi keys encrypted with WEP / WPA. For it this app offers three methods, the first being the fastest and the slowest last.

  1. Using a dictionary (default). It can be downloaded in the preferences menu.
  2. Using an existing Internet connection. You can enable this feature in the preferences, is a little slower than the first method because it has to wait for the recovery of the keys.
  3. Native Calculation (backup by default). With this method even without a dictionary and Internet access will be able to calculate the keys. However, this method is much slower than the others, because it can take up to 10 seconds on the Samsung Galaxy S2 or 2 minutes at low-end phones.

Which routers are compatible?

The 3.2.0 version of Router Keygen has native decryption without a dictionary and provides support for the following routers:

  • Thomson based routers ( this includes Thomson, SpeedTouch, Orange, Infinitum, BBox, DMax, BigPond, O2Wireless, Otenet, Cyta , TN_private, Blink )
  • DLink ( only some models )
  • Pirelli Discus
  • Eircom
  • Verizon FiOS ( only some routers supported)
  • Alice AGPF
  • FASTWEB Pirelli and Telsey
  • Huawei (some InfinitumXXXX)
  • Wlan_XXXX or Jazztel_XXXX
  • Wlan_XX ( only some are supported)
  • Ono ( P1XXXXXX0000X )
  • WlanXXXXXX, YacomXXXXXX and WifiXXXXXX
  • Sky V1 routers
  • v1 and v2 ( TECOM-AH4XXXX )
  • InfostradaWifi
  • CONN-X
  • Megared
  • EasyBox, Arcor and Vodafone (new)
  • PBS (Austria) (new)
  • MAXCOM (new)
  • PTV (new)
  • TeleTu/Tele2 (new)
  • Axtel, Axtel-xtremo (new)
  • Intercable (new)
  • OTE (new)
  • Cabovisao Sagem (new)

Tutorial How to Use Router Keygen

1) The first thing you have to do is download the apk from here and install it. If you do not know how we recommend you follow our tutorial on how to install apk applications.

2) After installing Router Keygen and start the application, you will see the home screen that will be displayed all the available connections.

As you can see from the picture shown below, some are green and others red. Router Keygen 3.2. keys can only calculate the connections shown in green.

Router Keygen 3.2 Installed Router Keygen 3.2 Wi-Fi

If all networks are shown in red is that neither have any of the above compatible routers and you won´t be able to decipher their keys.

3) To obtain the keys you need to press the curved arrows button after which will appear on screen the networks that have sufficient signal.

Router Keygen 3.2 Scan Wi-Fi

Router Keygen 3.2 Avaible Wi-Fi

4) Then you have to double click on the network you want to decrypt its key and you will see the standby screen while the keys are calculated.

If all goes well, you’ll see a sign that will show you the network key you were looking for and you can share it or save it will SD memory.

Router Keygen Keys

Installing the Dictionary

To decrypt the keys for Thomson routers is necessary to have installed the dictionary of keys of Router Keygen. To do this, the simplest way is to click on the last button on the notification bar and select Download Dictionary.

Router Keygen 3.2 Download Dictionary Router Keygen 3.2 Downloading Dictionary

Download Router Keygen 3.3.o

Download Dictionary Router Keygen 3

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