Today in AndroidADN I bring an application for Facebook fans. This is Ostream an excellent app with which you can look up and have Facebook on your Android always available, even offline.

ostream automatically syncs the most important content from Facebook of our device and allows us to have it available more quickly. With this app you can view information such as the news feed, your profile, groups you belong to, what pages you’ve given a “Like” and comment.

In addition, errors or connection problems will no longer generate as many headaches because if we got a picture while we were offline, ostream will uploadi it as soon as the connection is available again.

Despite being in beta the application works fine. It would be even better if you add the ability to view and edit the message when we are offline and in Gmail. Without doubt an excellent choice for all Facebook fans who want to stay connected to the social network without spending your data plan.

ostream can be downloaded for free from Google Play and requires Android 2.2 or higher.

Download oStream (Google Play)

Esteban Cejas

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