2012 is over and let big things in the Android world, including a lot of important applications.

While Google made a selection of the applications most popular, it has been somewhat brief important and indeed some have been left out. This 2012 has been eventful in Google PLAY, where we have seen the arrival to Android of big names of iOS like Evernote, Pocket and Instagram.

So in AndroidADN have decided to do our own ranking to contemplate the best applications or updates released during 2012 in Android.


2012 was uploaded by the arrival of iOS apps to Android. Among these is Flipboard for Android that was first seen in the Samsung Galaxy S3 and a few days after the APK leaked through the XDA forums.

This is one of the most famous applications for iOS, and now, just as Instagram, comes to Android.

Flipboard allows you to create a personalized magazine from the activity you have on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and subscriptions you do on the news sites you are most interested.

More info : Flipboard

Google PLAY: Flipboard


Instagram was another big iOS app that came to Android, and we can say it was a success because in a few months has already surpassed one million downloads on Google Play.

This social network offers an innovative way to share pictures with your friends through a series of fine filters that allow you to breathe new life into your photos, which then you can share with your friends through a social network.

Thus with Instagram you can share your photos in an easy way for your friends to see them and look at theirs with the click of a button.

Mas info : Instagram

Google PLAY: Instagram

3.Google Drive

Following the presentation of its storage service in the cloud, Google launched its Android application, making it one of the best applications of cloud storage.

Google Drive , is the storage service in the cloud of Google; offers 5 GB of free storage for any file type. Among its functions include OCR capabilities for image-text search and image recognition technology to facilitate searching through your photos.

In addition, Google Drive allows you to open more than 30 types of documents directly from a Web browser, including HD video, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop (even without the right software installed on your computer).

Google Drive is the best choice if we want to synchronize our entire Google account, from our Android contacts, to Google + and finally our data. You can not miss this one.

More info : Google Drive

Google PLAY : Google Drive

4.Chrome Android

After a long period in the form of beta, the final version of Google Chrome for Android reached Google PLAY. This browser, like its desktop version, is intended meet two main requirements: speed and simplicity.

To do this Chrome for Android was designed from scratch, thinking as possible to suit the peculiarities of mobile environments.

This has a tab system which allows to have open all the necessary without losing functionality, added gesture support and a feature by which you can preview links.

More info | Ghrome Android

More info : Chrome Android


Scalado launched its first application for Android, a great tool to enjoy your photo memories in a unique way. This is Scalado Albums a very useful and easy to use app that offers an excellent experience to view photos with a simple design and sensible.

It is built from scratch using the Scalado Image Platform to allow maximum performance on Android. This application allows you to quickly find the photos you are looking for, being able to zoom in every detail at full resolution without any problems.

More info | Scalado

Google PLAY : Scalado

6.Beautiful Widgets 5

At the end of last year Beautiful Widgets received a major update in which incorporates a complete redesign in its set of widgets and applications, full support for Jelly Bean, independent widgets, hourly weather forecasts, widgets 4 × 4, option to select the location and some features of Android 4.2 as Daydream support and lockscreen widget.

This is one of the favorite applications for lovers of customization, as it has a lot of widgets and themes that you can use as you wish.

More info : Beautiful Widgets

Google PLAY: Beautiful Widgets 5

7.Swiftkey Flow

In December 2012 SwiftKey, one of the best keyboards for Android, launched a new keyboard called Flow that lets you type by sliding your finger on the screen Swype style.

SwiftKey Flow also incorporates a feature called Flow Through Space, which allows you to write complete sentences without lifting your finger from the keyboard, and you can remove them by sliding your finger over the spacebar after each word.

SwiftKey Flow is still in beta so you will not find it on Google PLAY, however the application APK is on the official site.

APK: SwiftKey Flow Smartphones

APK: SwiftKey Flow B Tablets


Snapseed, one of the best photography apps available for iOS arrived to Android this month and last but not least, for free.

Snapseed is an excellent photo editor that lets you retouch and enhance your photos with a lot of filters that include Drama, Vintage, Grunge, and Tilt-Shift and many others.

It also gives you the ability to adjust the photos with a tap and make selective adjustments on certain areas or objects, apply other effects and share all your photos through your social networks.

More info : Snapseed

Google PLAY: Snapseed

9.Sony Motiongraph

Sony Motiongraph, is an application that lets you create still photos with a lively part. But the amazing thing about this app is that it is able to recognize objects and leave motionless the bottom.

Also uses a technology called loop motion detection to detect motion, and Sony’s proprietary technology to stabilize the image.

The images are stored as animated GIF making them visible from any web browser and various image viewers, which is also an advantage over the video for his weight and easy to share on social networks.

More info : Sony Motiongraph

Google PLAY: Sony Motiongraph

10.AirDroid 2 beta

AirDroid is an application that lets you control your Android device from the PC through the web browser using WiFi.

The application is really simple and has a user interface very well made that mimics a desktop launcher with mobile icons, a taskbar, and controls that allow you to manage your phone remotely.

Among its functions this application gives you the ability to access SMS messages, manage, and send messages from a web browser.
In addition you will be able to manage contacts, install or uninstall applications, browse files, access Google PLAY, and manage music, pictures and ringtones.

As if this were not enough, this app also gives us the chance to look phone information from CPU status to battery level that remains among many other things.

APK: AirDroid 2 beta


Viddy is a new social network that offers a new way of sharing our lives through video allowing you to capture, beautify and share a video from your phone.

Unlike YouYube Viddy abandons the complicated interactions to focus on the micro world, which is why we can compare the concept of this video social network to Twitter or Instagram concept where raw simplicity of the message.

Thus Viddy allows users to record videos of just 15 seconds and apply some effects and filters to customize them.

More info : Viddy

Google PLAY: Viddy


LINE was selected as one of the best messaging applications, but the update it received a few days ago makes it worthy of being in the ranking this month.

LINE is an application extremely popular in Japan and other Asian countries and has over 72 million users in 230 countries and is the most downloaded application in over 26 countries.

This application includes the best features of WhatsApp and Skype, and presents itself as a major competitor to these applications free of charge of messaging and VoIP calls.

Like WhatsApp, LINE lets you send messages for free and keep in touch with all your friends and family. You can send multimedia such as videos, pictures and voice messages or stickers.

Moreover, this app also offers the possibility of high quality VoIP calls for free.

More info : LINE


13.Pixlr Express

Pixlr is one of the best applications for editing photos. This gives you the ability to crop, resize or fix any images, remove red eyes and whiten teeth, change the lights and colors with just a few taps and apply more than 600 effects and borders to customize your images.

You can also share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of your favorite social networks.

Google PLAY: Pixlr Express

14.Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus, one of the most popular plugins for Firefox and Chrome, is now available for Android. This is an excellent application that allows block annoying ads on our device, either in the browser or applications.

This app blocks all types of ads: video advertising, banners, push notifications, HTML5 and more advertising. Worth noting that Adblock Plus may have limited functionality, depending on the version of Android of the device and whether it has root access or not.

In the root device, the ads are blocked via Wi-Fi and 3G while in non root devices with Android 3.1 or later, the ads are blocked via Wi-Fi.

Google PLAY: Adblock Plus


Waze is one of the best GPS applications, but unlike most of them, focuses on their users to build and use live maps and get information about traffic conditions in real time to improve daily trips.

This is a community-based app traffic with over 30 million users worldwide to join forces with other drivers nearby to outsmart traffic, save time and gas money, and improve everyone’s daily commute.

With real-time traffic community you can get the best route to your destination. With only driving with Waze open, you are contributing greatly to the community and you will be informed about traffic conditions in real time. You can also report accidents, hazards, police and other events you see on the road and get traffic on your route.

Like any GPS application, you can get directions, find out where the nearest gas station, know what is the fastest or shortest route to reach the destination, etc.. Additionally, Waze uses current information that the community is generating and best of all, the app will improve as we use it.

More info : Waze

Google PLAY: Waze


Utorrent is the supreme most popular Bitorrent client in the world. For some time now this has its official application for Android that allows you to search and download torrents directly from your smartphone.

In november this app was updated to version 1.3 adding an option known as WiFi Only that will allow to limit downloads to this type of wireless connections.

When selecting the new WiFi-only mode, downloads will stop when you lose the WiFi connection and will automatically start when you reconnect.

This is extremely important in Android phones because applications that use the data connection may generate large costs for the user, especially when it comes to downloads.

More info : uTorrent

Google PLAY: uTorrent


After months without news, ADW Launcher received a major update that completely renewed this excellent launcher for Android. The new version is far more akin to the Holo theme, along with the settings and features that match launchers like Nova and Apex.

Among the new features are a new engine that combines features of ADW / ADWE, ability to modify the size of icons, text colors, shadows, etc., a new visual aid configuration and ADWSetup screen that makes it easier to add elements and access the features of adjustments; new theme engine with improved support for the most popular launchers themes, new optional actionbar for most common actions, new visual styles of application drawer and many more improvements.

More info : ADW.Launcher

Google PLAY : ADW.Launcher


Evernote received an update to version 4.3, which includes new features and functionalities. Now the notes editor toolbar has been simplified giving a much cleaner look, and many of the features that were not directly related to the edition have been moved to the Action Bar

As for the tablets, the interface has received some minor changes with a redesigned action bar that fits the context. Ie actions available in the action bar now are modified according to the panel that is open.

Also added a new feature premium that lets you download multiple notes to read later offline.

More info : Evernote

Google PLAY : Evernote

19. Robin

Robin is clearly one of the first applications in which we have thought. This is the number one Siri competitor of Google PLAY, and in its latest update has added a lot of improvements.

Like Apple’s voice assistant, Robin is able to answer your questions about places, parking, product prices, climate, ways to reach some destination etc.

The update 2.0 gave this app a new user interface that is much more pleasing and elegant. In addition, have included a news section, which provides the top headlines from a variety of categories, and a personal news feeds from Facebook and Twitter.

Robin has an interesting method Handsfree activation: just move your hand near the device.

More info : Robin

Google PLAY: Robin

20.Real Player

The final version of Real Player for Android came to Google PLAY. This app remained in beta for some time and has now gone to the store with some interesting new features among which highlight design improvements, the support of last.fm scrobbling and some payment functions.

Real Player for Android gives you the ability to create playlists and control the app from the mobile locked, share files with your friends, include widgets, choose a ringtone and even use voice commands to search for multimedia content.

More info : Rael Player

Google PLAY: Real Player


Mozilla released a new version of Firefox for Android in which incorporates a lot of news and new features among which highlights a completely new interface for tablets, better text selection and closing tabs per swipe.

In addition, Firefox 15 has improved the speed of opening, loading and painted pages and support for Flash and a new Awesome Bar. It is also appreciable greater speed and fluidity to make zoom or pan.

Firefox 15 also provides the ability to import bookmarks from the native browser and request the desktop version of the web from the menu.

This new version of Firefox can be downloaded for free from Google Play and requires Android 2.2 or higher. Here also I leave the APK.

Mas info : Firefox

Google PLAY: Firefox


Github has just come to Android and is now available for download via Google Play. This is an application that lets you control the software development through the version control and modifications that have been made in the code by different users.

This is a collaborative development application ideal for students or workers who are working on a project.

Github for Android has a very intuitive user interface that lets you see the signs or messages chronologically from each of the participants.

Also Github has an alert system within the code that lets you know the status of the function of a range of colors.

The app is completely free and allows you to check each of the repositories you have, share, and view the repositories of other users, comment, and improve them.

Google PLAY : Github

23.VLC for Android

VLC, the famous video player has come to Android officially and is now available for downloading from Google Play.VLC is a free code media player that is available on multiple platforms. This allows you to play most media files as well as disks, devices and network protocols transmission.

Although is available on Google Play it is a BETA release wich may contain errors and not be as fast as the final version.

VLC for Android supports dozens of file types and codes without problems and has an interface that combines aspects of other players and is very functional.

The yield of the videos depends largely on the power of the CPU and GPU of the device, and each responds differently, but in general, the faster the processor, the better the reproduction.

More info : VLC

Google PLAY :VLC


WinZip, Window´s most famous compression application officially comes to Android, and like in the desktop version it allows you to compress and decompress files.

WinZip for Android allows you to manage compressed files that are password protected, either with AES 128-bit or 256 bits. Furthermore, it is able to recognize your mail attachments, compress, decompress and copy the files to the clipboard.

Unfortunately recognizes only ZIP files, but is able to show you a variety of formats such as .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .rtf, .csv, .txt, .ini, .inf, .bat, .js, .log, .xml, .css, .java, .cs, .h, .m, .cpp, .c, .sql, .properties, .htm, .html, .jsp, .asp, .apk y abrir otros formatos gracias a aplicaciones de terceros como .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf.

Google PLAY : WinZip

25.Magic Piano

Piano Magic, one of the most famous music of IOS applications has come to Google play. This allows you to convert your device´s screen into a virtual keyboard, where you can play melodies invented by you, or follow the rhythms that are displayed on the screen by colored circles.

Its use is really simple, and to play the piano, just click the circles that appear at the right time to sound the melody correctly selected.

Although the app is free, only has three free songs. However there are many other songs you can buy for a very low price. Among them you will find some classics and other popular songs Grenade of Bruno Mars, How to save a life by The Fray, apoligize of Timbaland & One Republic .. etc.

Currently, Magic Piano has over 200 songs spread over several genres including classical, pop, rock, band and musical sound, but new are added weekly.

Google PLAY : Magic Piano


Pocket is in my opinion the best app to save articles, images or videos and read them later.

Many times it happens that we are browsing the web and find something interesting to see or read but do not have the time to so at the time. And there is where you get Pocket, a fantastic tool to store items and watch them later from your smartphone or tablet.

In addition, the application syncs with all your devices (including PC) so you can view the articles from anywhere and even without internet connection.

Pocket incorporates an interesting feature Android Text-to-Speech that allows not only to see or read the articles, but also listen to them.

Google PLAY : Pocket


Pinterest is a popular photo-sharing application that allows us to take images from the web with unparalleled style. Its developer defines it as “a tool to find inspiration and share it with others.” This is an excellent app to collect things we like and sort them in a very elegant way.

With the latest version 1.1, Pinterest now allows creating three secret slates, block or report if other users upload inappropriate content and edit from your Android slates, which is very welcome as we now do not need to open a web browser session to modify them.

Google Play : Pinterest


Shazam is an excellent music application that allows you to find the title of a song just by playing a little piece so you can find song titles and cover art and artist information as long as you have Internet connection.

Using Shazam is very easy: just a few seconds to record the music you want to analyze and therefore the application automatically will process the signal spectrum and compare it with its online database to display the song title , artist and album.


TED was selected as one of the best applications of the year by Google. This concentrates the inspiring speeches and talks of great protagonists of our history.

Among them you can find music legends, geniuses of technology, business experts and many other professionals as it has a database of over 1,300 videos and audios.

Google PLAY: TED

30.Expedia Hotels

Also chosen as one of the best applications of Google PLAY by Google, Expedia Hotels allows you to make a reservation for more than 130,000 hotels around 20,000 cities worldwide.

It thus becomes an excellent application to plan your travel because you can access certain exclusive mobile offers, and prior knowledge of the quality of the rooms, thanks to the real opinions of the users who have already been in the same hotel.

Google PLAY : Expedia Hoteles

This was our selection of the best Android apps of 2012. Hopefully you guys liked. Please share on your social networks and leave your thoughts in the comments

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