It seems that Apple is not being as successful as expected with its iPhone 5. The American company has reduced its orders for the iPhone 5 screens in half due to lower demand than expected.


Apple introduced with great fanfare its new iPhone 5 in September last year but unlike other years, we have not heard so many about their sales figures and records. And that would have an explanation. According to The Wall Street Journal, the device has received a demand “weaker than expected” according to people close to Apple.

Apparently, the Cupertino firm has had to reduce their orders for different parts of the iPhone 5. Reportedly, screens orders for the January-March period were reduced by half, and that would also apply to other components.

However, a reduction in orders for parts not necessarily mean that sales of the iPhone 5 are disappointing. For several weeks it has been talking about that Apple is working on a new model of iPhone more economical, and it would have all the necessary components to get to work. Alternatively, the company could change suppliers of components although personally I see it as unlikely.

However, a Nikkei report confirms that Apple has reduced its screens orders for the first quarter in half to Sharp and Japan Display, manufacturers of the screens of the iPhone 5. According to the report, Apple had considered asking for a total of 65 million screens of both companies during that period, but that figure is down “in response to lower global sales of the iPhone 5.” Nikkei adds that the Cupertino firm already spent “more than half of the investment costs” in one of two factories in Japan that manufactures display screens for the iPhone 5. LG is one of the leading suppliers of Apple, behind Sharp and Japan Display but it is unclear whether their orders have also been cut.

It seems that Samsung and its Galaxy S3 have beaten Apple and its iPhone 5 in this struggle to be the firm with the most popular device in the world. This is confirmed by the latest figures released by the Korean company that already has surpassed the mark of 100 million units sold in its Galaxy S series in just two years.

Via: WSJNikkei

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