Angry Birds Space has just received a major update to version 1.4.0, which incorporates a new episode called Pig Dipper which includes 30 new levels in a completely different galaxy and new power-ups.

In this galaxy, the planets are full of water and have a strange aquatic life and worst of all, the Bad Piggies are now in boats. You’ll have to get used to the new physics of these planets aquatic to shoot with aim and stop the hated pigs.

Pig Dipper features 30 new levels filled with water with different types of boats, anchors, plants and other items that we will have to use wisely to annihilate the pigs.

In addition, Angry Birds Space incorporates new power-ups:

  • Flock of birds: to throw a lot of birds in one shot
  • Space Eggs: that when explodes a black hole will open and will take everything around
  • Balloon Pig: the pigs will inflate and break what they have close

This new episode of Angry Birds Space can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Download Angry Birds Space (Google Play)

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