XBMC is a popular media center for PC desktop with operating system Windows Linux and Mac that lets you manage all your music and video library intuitively and tidy, using the keyboard, mouse or remote control.

For some time this player was available unofficially for Android and today have released their second beta, which has received support from its developers.

XBMC 12 beta 2: still too soon

This new version has improved some bugs in the sound playback and support for various controls such as the Xbox 360, but continues to have some problems.

From the official project blog have commented that the application still requires a lot of resources, so it can only be used on most modern Android devices.

Besides, XBMC 12 beta 2 requires processors that support NEON extension as Qualcomm S3 Snapdragon QSD 8250 and Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 so other processors popular as the Tegra 1 and Tegra 2 will not be compatible.

In addition the app is fairly limited in its compatibility with versions of Android as it offers support for ICS devices or higher and still does not work on Android 4.2. The first load seems to be quite slow, but it seems this is solved by its second start.

XBMC: What I think

In short, this is a player that has a long road ahead, but knowing its curriculum in Windows Linux and Mac we can be sure it has a lot to offer, especially now that has the official support of its developers.

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