Christmas usually brings to Gooogle PLAY some of the best deals of applications and games. To these discounts today adds Gameloft with one of their best and most current titles: Wild Blood.

Wild Blood puts us in the shoes of Sir Lancelot, noble knight whose lady is kidnapped by the very King Arthur who is under the influence of Morgana, the evil sorceress. On our journey through Avalon we will have the invaluable company and assistance of Sir Gawain, a knight of the roundtable.

Its graphics are the best we can find in mobile devices because Wild Blood is the first title released by Gameloft to feature the powerful Unreal Engine 3. The effects of lights, shadows and character and scenarios details make this game a unique experience.

As for the gameplay I must say that the title is also the best, because not only will have the classic moves but we must also perform special actions to interact with objects in the scene as doors.

The ambience is also first class as we have a really slick soundtrack that surrounds us in a world of epic fantasy.

Wild Blood on Sale

From today, Wild Blood is available for only .99 cents, which represeta a rebate of 96% on the original price of 6.99 dollars.

Google PLAY: Wild Blood

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