With the release of Instagram all thought that the social networking market was completely saturated, but it seems that there is always a new way to share our lives and the ability to create a social network for that.

Viddy is a social network that offers just that, a new way of sharing our lives through video.

Viddy is a simple way to capture, beautify, and share video from your phone. Turn everyday moments into perfect little movies with Viddy for Android. From pristine sunsets to playful pets and from epic concerts to family memories, “Viddy Moments” are everywhere! Viddy’s one-touch sharing to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr allows you to easily share videos with those closest to you

And Youtube?

You’re probably thinking that we already have for sharing videos YouTube, a positioned service for years even with a simple application for Android.

However, creating a youtube channel has a lot of complications involving the creation and editing of the video, answer the comments, private messages, follow other users etc.

Viddy, the Twitter of Video

 Viddy abandons the complicated interactions to focus on the micro world, which is why we can compare the concept of this video social network to Twitter or Instagram concept in which raw simplicity of the message.Thus Viddy, allows its users to record videos of just 15 seconds and apply some effects and filters to customize them.

Viddy Functions

Among its functions, the Android app allows you to record videos and apply effects to customize them, add music and sounds, put labels, comment, give Like it and share it with other social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumbl.

Como usar Viddy?

After downloading and installing the application on your Android you can already start recording your first Viddys. To do this you have to go to the home screen where the center button that lets you start recording a video or use one you’ve already recorded.

After having the video, you can apply some filters that come with the application for free or download others that are available for a very moderate price.

After applying the filters the app let us see the result, you can give it a title and a brief description before posting.

Via phandroid.com

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