UberStrike, the famous FPS of Facebook, has just arrived in Google Play. Now you can take on users of all platforms from your smartphone and for free!

UberStrike is a FPS (First Person Shooter) similar to the famous Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament which emerged on Facebook and due to its popularity has come to Android. This is a great multiplayer game with more than 8 million players on multiple platforms.

UberStrike is known for its excellent 3D graphics, which requires a mid/high or hig end device to support graphics and processing requirements. In the game you will find different arenas with different environments in which will have to face other players and defeat them using a large arsenal of weapons and adjusting your aim.

What makes UberStrike so much fun is its dynamism. The battles pass quickly, so you must be very focused all the time because any devolution can cost you your life.

In UberStrike you can improve and unlock weapons like the famous Rocket Launcher, sniper rifles, and many others and face different champions in various game modes. Plus, you can team up with other players and face other clans to measure your strength.

If you like multiplayer FPS, UberStrike is a great option that you can download from Google Play for free.

Download UberStrike (Google Play)

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