Yesterday I mentioned that Twitter would add photographic filters to their mobile applications by the end of the year to compete with Instagram. Well the update has arrived earlier than expected! Twitter for Android just received a major update to version 3.6.0, which adds these new filters for photographs.

The filters were developed by Aviary and are very similar to those already offered by Instagram. Now, when you load a photo on Twitter (with the camera or from the gallery) will an edit menu in which you can add multiple filters to add a new look to your photos. Among the filters are: vignette, black and white, cold, warm, vintage, cinematic, happy and gritty.

Plus, you can highlight the photos with light and balanced colors pressing the rod of auto enhance, crop and adjust the photo you want. Also added other improvements and fixes from previous versions.

In response to this, Instagram has also updated its Android application incorporating a new filter.

This new version of Twitter can be downloaded from Google Play for free.

Download Twitter (Google Play)

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